Virginia Wine Country

When you think of the wine regions of the world worth visiting Virginia probably does not come to mind, but maybe it should. Wineries have been producing wine in Virginia for decades, but in the past five to ten years new wineries have been popping up, especially in Northern Virginia, just a short drive from Washington, D.C. Much to my surprise, some of them are producing some excellent wines.

Middle Chesapeake Bay Cruise

We just wrapped up a four day, three stop cruise around the middle Chesapeake Bay.  This is a section of the bay around the Potomac River and is south of Annapolis and north of Norfolk.  This cruise included three stops, Tangier Island, Virginia, Crisfield, Maryland and Solomons Island, Maryland.  If you're a boater make sure you check out our boating specific information at the end of each destination.

Check out the video of our trip around the Chesapeake Bay!

Hiking at Turkey Run in Virginia

Turkey Run Park is part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, a scenic route that hugs the Potomac River on the Virginia side of the river across from Washington, DC.  The park is located about two miles south of the Washington Betlway on the north end of the GW Parkway.  This park and the entire GW Parkway is operated by the National Park Service and many of it's attractions are free, including Turkey Run.

Get Outdoors: Roosevelt Island, VA

Looking for a different experience in Washington, DC?  Cross the Potomac River into Virginia and head over to Roosevelt Island.  The island is located across the river from DC's Georgetown neighborhood and is a memoral to the nation's 26th president.  Roosevelt Island is part of the National Park Service.  To get there, head North on the George Washington Parkway from the Memorial or 14th Street Bridges.  You can only access the park from the GW Parkway or Mt. Vernon bike trail.