U.S. Airline Carry On Baggage Sizes

For many travlers there's always a debate about how big is too big for my carry on bag.  I think some fliers don't even know there are rules for carry on bags.  To help simplify things we've assembled the carry on bag dimensions for most of the major U.S. airlines.  If you're flying internationally I highly recommend you check with your airline.  The information in this article is accurate as of the date of this article, but as always check with your airline in advance in the event the rules have changed.  We've linked to all of these airlines on the right side of this page.

Bag Fees, Avoid Travel Frustration

Those Fees Add Up!

Airlines in the U.S. collected $3.5 billion dollars in baggage fees in 2012.  That's according to a report released today by the federal government.  That's an increase over the $3.3 billion in bag fees collected in 2011.  Can you guess which airline charged passengers the most in baggage fees?  Delta led the pack, hauling in $865.8 million dollars, that's an increase of 32% from 2011.  United was a second with more than $700 million in bag fees.  Here's the list of airlines and how they rank:

Southwest & AirTran Begin Merging Routes

Southwest is taking the next big step in its acquisition of AirTran.  Passengers can now book dozens of routes using flights on both airlines while using a single itinerary.  This marriage of routes is a major step toward folding AirTran into Southwest's current route network.  Southwest announced soon passengers will be able to book flights on any of the airlines' combined 97 destinations, including international, in one transaction.  This is a big change for loyal Southwest passengers who have not been able to book international tickets on Southwest in the past.