Review: Delta's Business Elite on the 777

I am currently in South Korea and I had the pleasure of flying Delta's Business Elite product from the U.S. to Seoul.  I'm going to give a detailed report on my thoughts about the Business Elite cabin and share some photos.  I'll be returning to the U.S. in a few days, also in BE, and I'll update as needed.  You can see complete photos from my flight to the right of this article.  Click on the thumbnails under the main photo for additional images.  I did not get a good seat picture.  I will get that on my return flight.

Review: Detroit Metro Airport McNamara Terminal

A quick note before I dive into my full review of DTW, this article covers the McNamera Terminal.  I have yet to travel through the North Terminal.

Detroit Metro, or DTW, is one of my favorite airports.  This may sound odd, but if you have a connection or time to burn in an airport, DTW is one of the better airports to spend some time.  I say this for a few reasons: