Delta 767-400ER Business Class - DeltaOne

Delta's Business Class Product

We here at Travel at Random have reviewed Delta's business class offerings on a few occasions   

Domestic flight on Delta's 767-300 in Business Class seating.

BusinessElite on Delta's 777.

JFK-MAD, June 2015

A few months ago Delta rebranded its long-haul business class product DeltaOne.  

This trip was my first experience in international Business Class. Having flown internationally a few times before in coach, I can safely say I'll never be able to go back to economy. Our Trip was from JFK to Madrid in June 2015 aboard DL414, which was a 767-400ER. My co-random traveller and I chose seats 7A and 5A which kept us away from the aisle traffic.  DeltaOne is arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration on all of Delta's wide body aircraft with lie flat beds.  (This excludes Delta's domestically configured 767-300 and the DeltaOne cabin on the 757)  The window seats alternate between having the seat closer to the window with a large arm rest and table along the aisle and vise versa.   We selected seats closer to the windows for a little added privacy.  Every seat in Delta's business class cabin on wide-body aircraft has direct aisle access.  

Delta's new Delta One Service was excellent, the flight crew was polite and attentive. Champagne was served during boarding and each seat had a large bottle of water.  The menu selection for our trip is included in the photo gallery on this article.  More on the meal in just a moment.

One of my favorite features on the DeltaOne cabin is that each seat has its own overhead bin.  There is no reason to share.  What surprised me is how many people didn't figure this out.  Several passengers looked around for "empty" bin space.

The Seats

The 767-400ER has forty DeltaOne flat bed seats, 28 seats in Comfort+ and 178 seats in economy.  The DeltaOne seats are 21" wide and with the touch of a button recline into a fully flat bed.  You can also lounge at virtually any position in between.  Personally I like the bed in a slightly elevated position.

DeltaOne passengers receive a duvet and full sized pillow, which is part of Delta's cross promotion with Starwood and Westin's Heavenly bedding.  The bedding was nice and made the flight comfortable.  The seats feature a large LCD touch screen monitor for viewing movies and onboard entertainment.  The tray table comes out of the large armrest to the side of each seat.  Each seat also features a 110v outlet and USB outlet for keeping electronics charged.

Amenity Kit

DeltaOne passengers receive a Tumi amenity kit, which Delta just updated on July 1, 2015.  The kit includes an eye mask, socks, tissues, lip balm and hand lotion from Malin+Goetz, pen, tooth brush and tooth paste, and earplugs.  The bag from is made by Tumi for Delta and is great for storing odds and ends or using it as a small toiletry bag on future flights.  (The revamped kits also include mouthwash)

Entertainment & WiFi

All movie and television shows are complimentary in DeltaOne.  There was a decent selection of movies.  Enough to keep me entertained on the seven hour flight.  The plane did feature GoGo WiFi, but I was unable to successfully connect or use DeltaStudio.  DeltaOne passengers are also provided with noise canceling headphones.  I didn't actually try them out because I travel with a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones and opted to use my own.  My only complaint is that the screen is lower resolution and is in need of an update.  (It's nowhere near as sharp as the screens on Delta's new 737-900's)


Delta does a good job with meal service in business class.  They give you the option of dining with multiple courses or if you want to eat and sleep they'll serve your meal all at once.  My flight included grilled shrimp with corn salsa which was very good.  The second course was a beet and goat cheese salad and vegetable soup.  The salad included mixed greens and was served with olive oil and basalmic dressing.  The soup was tasty.

For the main course I selected the beef tenderloin.  The other options included a vegetarian pasta dish, chicken and a cold entree.  The beef was good, but overcooked.  The meat itself was tender.  It was served with what was likely A1 sauce.  The sides included mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  The vegetables were a little raw for my taste.

Delta offers a decent selection of wines in DeltaOne and the flight attendants are happy to let you sample as much as you want.  They also have the traditional soft drinks you'll find on any Delta flight as well as a long list of premium spirits (some unique to DeltaOne).  The beer selection included Heineken and Sam Adams.  (An IPA would be a nice improvement)  

Dessert is served from a cart and you can eye all of the selections.  If you can't make up your mind they're happy to give you more than one.  The cart included cheese and fruit, assorted pastries and ice cream sundaes with your choice of toppings.  On this flight I had the cheese and fruit.  My fellow random traveler had the ice cream.

Midway through the flight, flight attendants came through the aisles with a snack basket similar to what you get in domestic first class.  Breakfast was served about an hour before arriving in Madrid.  The selections included a tomato and basil frittata or granola.  Both served with fruit.  I selected the granola.  It was yummy.

My overall impression of the meal service in DeltaOne is that you won't go hungry.  In between meals there are snacks and the crew is happy to keep your glass full of whatever you're drinking.

A few other notes about the service... Each course does come from a food cart, but it's draped in black and each course is served on real plates, no plastic dishes here.  Between the starters and the main courses they change out the silverware.  All drinks are served in glasses and you definitely feel like you are getting a restaurant-style experience in the sky.

Prior to boarding our flight we also took advantage of the complimentary meal/snack Delta now offers DeltaOne passengers at the JFK SkyClub.  One note, this meal is only offered to outbound passengers and not inbound connecting passengers.


Overall I was impressed with the flight, the seats and the service on my flight from JFK to Madrid.  This was an overnight flight and I was able to catch a few hours of sleep.  The flight attendants were attentive, but not in the way.  The 767-400 was comfortable and I would definitely book this seat again.

At the airport DeltaOne passengers may use the SkyPriority checkin lanes as well as security (where available).  

We paid for our business class tickets.  Delta does not traditionally offer complimentary upgrades to DeltaOne.  (With few exceptions)  We found great fares on this route about six months in advance and jumped at the purchase.  Our flight was completely full, without a single empty seat in business.