Seat Review: 1B on Delta's 717

I recently had a chance to check out one of Delta's new Boeing 717's.  Delta started aquiring these aircraft from Airtran in 2013 and they now fly many of Delta's old DC9 routes.  The 717 is the smallest mainline aircraft in Delta's fleet with 12 seats in First Class, 15 seats in Economy Comfort and 83 seats in Economy.  First is configured in a 2-2 setup and coach is 2-3, similar to the MD80 fleet.

For my flight I was seated in 1B and my companion in 1A.  It was a short flight from St. Louis to Detroit and I think this is the perfect flight for this aircraft.

The seat itself was comfortable.  It's the same seat Delta uses on its MD80 fleet and the seats have the adjustable winged headrests which I really like.  Row 1 is a bulkhead and I found the legroom to be a bit limited.  Delta lists the pitch at 37" which is standard for domestic first class seats, but the bulkhead is solid, so unlike sitting in row 2 where your feet can go under the seat in front of you, in row 1 there's less room.

Overall I found the plane to be comfortable and the ride was much quieter than the MD80 fleet.  My recommendations if you're looking at seats on this aircraft, select row 2 or 3 in First or if you're in Economy Comfort row 10 will give you good legroom as well.