Seat Review: Delta Comfort+ on the MD88

Delta's MD88

I just got back from a quick trip to Atlanta and for the first time this year I got to experience Delta's Comfort+ cabin.  Comfort Plus was part of Delta's rebranding of its cabins earlier this year.  (Previously known as Economy Comfort)  In addition to the name change Delta added a few benefits to these seats.  More on that below.

The Seat

I was in 11D on my way to Atlanta and 10A on my flight home.  The MD88 is in a 3-2 configuration in coach.  Three seats on the left side of the plane and two on the right.  I always try to snag the two seat side when possible because there's no middle seat.  The seat is a standard Delta economy seat.  The only difference from the rest of the plane is the headrest has the Comfort+ logo.  These seats do not have the winged, adjustable headrests that are found on some other aircraft.  

The seat was ok, nothing special.  What makes Comfort+ worth the upgrade is the legroom.  Pitch in this seat is 34" versus 31-32" in the rest of the economy cabin.  I found the legroom to be adequate.  11D has a tray table in the armrest so the seat is a bit restricted in terms of width compared to economy seats where the arm rests are movable.

On my return flight I was in 10A.  This is the bulkhead seat and on the window.  Legroom is excellent in this seat because there is no physical bulkhead between economy and first.  The seat width is the same as the other coach seats.  You can also put a carry on bag under the first class seat in front of you.

Comfort+ Benefits

Delta added several benefits to Comfort+.  Here's a quick list:

  • Free beer, wine and spirits. (This used to be only on international flights, but is now offered on domestic flights)
  • Premium snacks on longer flights (over 900 miles) and a light meal on JFK-SFO/LAX flights.  (Nothing special on my short DCA-ATL hop)
  • Pillow, Blanket and small amenity kit for JFK-SFO/LAX flights.
  • Dedicated overhead bin space (although I didn't see this enforced on my ATL-DCA leg)


How to Snag Comfort+

As a Delta Platinum Medallion I was able to select Comfort+ at booking for free.  The same benefit applies for Diamond members.  Gold Medallion members can select these seats for free within 72 hours of departure and Silver Medallions can select these seats 24 hours prior to departure.  These seats are also open to non-Medallion fliers.  You can pay to upgrade to Comfort+.  The rate depends on the length of your flight.