DeltaOne Meal - JFK SkyClub

JFK Experience

Delta recently added a new perk for travelers who are flying on DeltaOne.  DeltaOne is Delta's new name for business class, formerly known as BusinessElite.  If your are on a DeltaOne reservation and happen to be going through JFK you will now be presented with a menu card upon checking into the SkyClub in Terminal 4.  The menu includes a snack/light meal and a glass of wine.  

I've posted the menu in the photos, but it included a roast beef with a delicious horseradish cream sauce, tomatoes, quinoa and a pair of French macaroons.  While the portions aren't huge, the quality of the food was excellent.  The wine pairing was a decent Pinot Grigio.  

The normal complimentary SkyClub food and beverage options are also available and the JFK lounge also has a full menu of items for purchase.  The DeltaOne meal is a nice touch and is expanding to other SkyClubs.

While not a true business class lounge, the JFK SkyClub is one of the nicest lounges in Delta's system.