Delta One on the A330-300

This article is long overdue.  End of last summer I had a chance to finally try out the DeltaOne cabin on the A330-300. Delta One is Delta's name for their business class product. In the past I've reviewed the business class cabin on Delta's 777, Delta's 767-400 and I've also experienced this cabin on the 767-300. The only DeltaOne cabin I haven't had a chance to experience is the 747.

The A330-300

The Airbus A330-300 is a stretched version of the A330-200. Delta's A330-300's are equipped with 34 Delta One lie flat seats, 40 Comfort+ seats, and 219 Main Cabin seats. Each of the DeltaOne seats has direct aisle access and the seats are arranged in a reverse herringbone pattern. If you're traveling alone the window seats are nice and face the windows. The center two seats angle towards each other and are great for a couple traveling together.   

The DeltaOne cabin is the first nine rows of the plane and you can see in the seat map that business class is separated from economy by a large galley.  There are two lavatories for the DeltaOne cabin at the front of the aircraft.

I hopped aboard the A330-300 on a flight from Detroit (DTW) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA). I was in seat 1A, which is the front of the cabin. This seat feels very private and there's a closet directly ahead of this seat. On my flight DeltaOne was only about half full and there wasn't anyone sitting in rows one or two across the aisle from me.

The Seat

Having been in Delta's lie flat product on all of their other aircraft, minus the Boeing 747, I really liked this seat. The seat is roomier and less cramped when compared to the 767 fleet. I like the 777, but the A330 may have an edge. Unlike the 777, the A330 seats by the windows face the windows. I also like that there's a little moveable armrest on the aisle that folds away making it easy to get in and out of the seat.  

Just like the Delta One cabin on other aircraft, each seat basically has its own overhead bin. (With the exception of the 757) There isn't any under seat storage, but there is enough space to stash a tablet or book.

Each seat features a standard power outlet as well as USB port. The seat will fully recline into a bed or anywhere in between fully upright and a bed. I found the bed to be more comfortable and less cramped compared to the 767. I definitely like the tray table setup on the A330 over the other Delta One cabins and I like that you can push it away from you without putting it away if you need to get up.

Delta gives you a full sized pillow, which is super soft, and a thick duvet. Both are part of the Westin Heavenly Bedding products produced for Delta. You'll also receive a Tumi amenity kit with some standard items including socks, eye mask, hand lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, eyeglass cloth, tissues, ear plugs, mouthwash, and a pen. The case is Tumi and can easily be repurposed after your trip. Delta also provides a pair of noise cancelling headphones for use during the flight. (You don't get to keep them) I travel with my own Bose headphones, so I didn't use the Delta pair.

The seat on the A330 features a nice, sharp video screen and it had a nice selection of movies and TV shows. The screen is better than what is currently offered on the 767 and 777, both of which are due for a refresh.

The Flight and Food

I found the crew on this flight to be warm and welcoming. The service throughout the flight was attentive. Champagne is served during boarding. (I didn't catch the label)

The flight from Detroit leaves in the afternoon and arrives in Frankfurt in the morning. Dinner is served shortly after takeoff and breakfast is served about 90 minutes before touchdown. Snacks are offered during the middle of the flight. On this flight the flight attendants made chocolate chip cookies! Yum.

The food was decent. It wasn't the best Delta food I've had. Here are the courses I had:

  • First Course: Roasted shrimp and watermelon on top of drizzled balsamic glaze and cucumber with feta cheese
  • Second Course: Corn & Chili Bisque and Arugula Bread Crumb Salad
  • Main Course: BBQ Seasoned Chicken with English peas, edamame and wheat berry risotto, roasted baby carrots and peach BBQ sauce
  • Final Course: Vanilla ice cream sundae

The first two courses were good, but the main course wasn't great.  The "risotto" was flavorless and the chicken was a bit dry.  The other main courses selections included grilled beef tenderloin (which I've had many time before and is usually good), pan seared halibut, and a vegetarian summer squash tart.  

Breakfast included a standard Delta domestic first class meal of a hot item and a cold cereal.  I opted for granola cereal, which came with fresh fruit, yogurt and a pastry.  It was good and hit the spot before landing.

Delta offers a good selection of spirits, wine and non-alcoholic drinks in DeltaOne. Selections rotate often, but in my experience there are always two reds and two white wines to choose from. I find the flight attendants are generous with their pours in DeltaOne and they are good at keeping you topped off. They also offered a nice rose and port with dessert.


In summary, I enjoyed the DeltaOne cabin on the A330. I'll actually try to go out of my way to book this aircraft over the 767 if possible. It will be interesting to see the new A350 DeltaOne suite when it launches later this year.

I got my seat using 105,000 SkyMiles for a rountdrip. This was part of a SkyMiles sale offered to Medallion members. It was definitely worth the miles. DeltaOne will give you access to Delta's SkyClub the day of departure.