Delta Refurbished A320 First Class Review

Delta is in the process of refurbishing part of their domestic fleet, and this includes the single aisle Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.  I've always liked the A320.  It's slightly wider than the Boeing 737 and you really notice the difference in the refurbished First Class cabin.

Last week I was on a refreshed A320 from Washington National Airport to Minneapolis.  It was a comfortable two hour ride on this aircraft.  Delta has added more First Class seats to the A320.  The increase was from 12 to 16.  Before the upgrade I avoided the A320 because upgrades were difficult to get.  On my flight to Minneapolis I was actually on a paid First Class ticket, so no upgrade necessary.

The Seat

Pitch: 36"

Width: 21"

Seat Type: Recliner (Typical domestic First Class Seat)


The A320 also features 18 Comfort+ seats with 34" of pitch and 126 Main Cabin seats with 30-31" of pitch.  This is typical for Delta's domestic fleet.  There is no hard bulkhead between coach and first, so those Comfort+ seats have excellent legroom.

The Flight

In addition to the additional First Class seats, I like the wide aisle up front.  It leaves enough room for flight attendants and passengers to pass each other.  Also, the A320's feature new pivot overhead bins.  These close up and give the cabin a more open feel.  This extra headroom is especially noticeable in the First Class cabin.  One thing Delta did not install on these refurbished aircraft is in-flight entertainment screens.  There are no monitors in the seat backs.  GoGo wifi and DeltaStudio (Delta's movie streaming service) are available, but you will need your own device to watch content.

I was on a breakfast flight and the options were an omelet in a tortilla or granola.  I selected the granola.  It was good, but the portion was huge!  I only ate about half.  Breakfast included bread, fruit and yogurt.  This is fairly typical for Delta's breakfast service.  Overall the service on this flight was good.  The flight attendant who was serving the first cabin as attentive and quick on the coffee refills.

One other nice upgrade, the First Class lavatory on the A320 is much larger than Delta's 737-900's.  The front lav on the 737 is incredibly small.  The A320 was nicely upgraded and there's actually space to turn around and wash your hands!

Overall I think Delta is doing a great job with the refurbished A320s.  (Seatmap courtesy Delta Air Lines)