Review: Delta's Domestic First on the 767

I just got back from a west coast trip and I wanted to share my thoughts on Delta's domestically configured 767.  On my way out I flew DCA-ATL-LAX and on my return I flew LAX-DTW-DCA.  

My outbound leg from Atlanta to LA was on Delta's 767-300 setup in a domestic configuration.  I was in 10C, the first row of Economy Comfort, in the center section.  I actually found the seat to have a good amount of legroom.  Delta's Economy Comfort seats are the exact same seat as a standard coach seat, they just give you a few more inches of legroom and the seats recline a bit more.  Since I don't like to recline into someone else's space I tend to leave my seat upright on shorter flights in coach.  Coach on Delta's 767 is set up in a 2-3-2 format.

On my return flight I was in First class on the same aircraft.  I was traveling with a friend and we selected seats 1F and 1G.  This is the first row, bulkhead on the right side of the plane.  First class on this aircraft is set up in a 2-2-2 format.  First class takes up rows 1-5, for a total of thirty first class seats.  This is the largest domestic first class cabin in Delta's fleet.  (This does not include domestic legs with a BusinessElite cabin, such as the 777 from ATL-LAX)  

First off, while this is the largest first class cabin, it is also the most cramped.  The seat width is 18.5 inches.  That's only half and inch wider than coach.  Granted, the armrest between the two seats is bigger.  In comparison, Delta's 757's, 737's and even their CRJ900 regional aircraft feature seats that are 20-21 inches wide.  The 767 first cabin featured 37 inches of pitch, which is pretty standard.

While the seat is narrower than other first class cabins, it's comfortable.  On this flight we received the standard bottle of water, pillow and blanket upon boarding.  This flight is marketed and sold as domestic first, but Delta does offer domestic BusinessElite on flights between JFK and several west coast cities.

This aircraft features in-seat TV.  Each is controlled by a touch screen.  All seats on this aircraft feature the TVs.  Delta's entertainment system includes live satellite TV including approximately fifteen channels, on-demand movies, games, music and a trip tracker.  In first class all of on-demand features are free.  Passengers in coach must pay to watch movies, play games, etc.  I actually like Delta's system when it works.  On this flight, the on-demand system crashed several times.  This would cause your movie to restart or lose its place.  I'm not sure why Delta has so much trouble with its system, but this problem is not isolated.  

My flight departed LAX around lunch, so this was a lunch flight.  On longer flights Delta serves a meal in first class.  Whether you get breakfast, lunch or dinner depends on the time of day your flight departs.  Meals usually include the choice between two entrees.  One tip, on even numbered flights sit near the front of the cabin and on odd numbered flights sit near the rear.  Flight attendants are supposed to swap where they start taking meal orders depending on the flight number.  It is not uncommon for them to run out of an option before they make it through the cabin.

Lunch on this flight included a salad with beef and blue cheese or a chicken and goat cheese pizza.  I opted for the salad, my friend had the pizza.  I've included photos of both.  Mine wasn't much of a salad, in fact it had only two pieces of lettuce, but the beef was very good.  Everything in this meal was served cold, but I was hungry and didn't mind.  The fresh fruit was exceptionally good.  Must have been a good batch.  Dessert is a brownie in plastic.  It's not bad, just not good for you.  My friend said the pizza was surprisingly good.

Following the meal the remaining portion of the flight was good, just nothing exceptional.  The flight attendants were good, just not overly attentive.  The snack basket came out about ninety minutes before landing.  Overall it was a pleasant flight, we left on time and arrived early in Detroit.

A few other notes about Delta's domestic 767's:

  • The overhead bins are small.  Keep this in mind.  
  • The bulkhead in Economy Comfort has good legroom.  
  • There's one lavatory in First.  The rest are back in coach.  
  • Economy Comfort is rows 10-13, coach starts in row 14.  First class is rows 1-5, there are no rows 6-9.

How did I get my seat?  I was upgraded using a complimentary Medallion upgrade.  Delta provides unlimited complimentary upgrades to all Medallion members if seats are available.  I'm a Platinum Medallion, by companion is Gold.  Both of us received our upgrades are our respective upgrade windows.