Delta's Business Elite Follow Up

This is a short update to my outbound trip on Delta's 777 in Business Elite.  You can read the original article here.  Before my flight I spent time hanging out in the KAL Business Class Lounge which you can read here.  

Boarding was a good process.  While there were crowds around the gate, the boarding area was large.  There were two separate lines, one for economy and one for business.  Each led to a separate jetway for boarding.  Business boarded through L1, first door on the left side of the plane, and economy boarded through L2, which is right in the middle of the Business Elite cabin.

On my return trip, ICN-DTW, I was seated in 6B.  Similar to 7A, this seat has extra storage to the side and is adjacent to a closet so you are provided a little extra privacy.  On this Wednesday evening flight the Business Elite cabin was about two thirds full.  5B ahead of me and 6B beside me were both empty.  I love the amount of overhead space in BE on the 777.  Each seat has its own bin.  Just keep in mind these seats really don't have under seat storage.

Prior to departure the captain stopped by every seat in BE to shake our hands and thank us for flying Delta.  This was a nice gesture.  The purser did something similar shortly before landing.  We departed and were quickly airborne.  The flight attendants jumped into action to prepare for dinner.  We started with drinks and warm nuts, followed by a first course of smoked salmon and asparagus cream soup.  The second course was a salad with either ranch or vinaigrette.  I chose the vinaigrette.  For the main course I selected the pan seared chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  While the filet was good on the outbound flight, the filet on this flight was covered in a blue cheese sauce which I don't care for.  The chicken was actually pretty good.  I've included a picture of the menu so you can check out the full dinner selections.  Sorry I didn't get photos of every course, but you can check out more foot pictures on my previous article.  

On this flight I defintiely took more advantge of the lie flat bed than on the first flight.  I found the most comfortable position wasn't full flat, but just slightly elevated.  The seat is adjustable in various ways including the headrest, back, legs, etc.  I again give Delta high points for including a nice full sized pillow in Business Elite and the quited comforter is very warm.  

Before landing a second meal was served.  While I wanted the cereal, my option was not available.  I can never figure out why Delta doesn't stock more cereal on their first class meal flights.  It's always the first option to go.  I was even more surprised considering BE was not full.  I opted for the Korean option, which was a beef bibimbap with vegetables and steamed rice.  See the picture.  It was ok, nothing spectacular.  

Overall I thought the flight crew was good.  They were not as attentive as my outbound flight, but the service was still excellent.  Delta's in flight entertainment options are endless and movies coupled with a good dinner and comfortable bed made this flight literally fly by.