Gone Wine Tasting With My Dog!

Visiting wineries can be a great way to spend a day.  You get to enjoy some wine, usually some cheese and crackers and go home with a few bottles for the wine rack.  Just west of Washington, DC is a winery that isn't stuffy, their wine is actually pretty good and best of all you can take your dog!  Barrel Oak Winery, BOW for short, is located in Delaplane, Virginia just off of I-66 about an hour west of DC.

For a winery they are very laid back.  You can peruse the main building, sit and enjoy the view from the massive patio or go for a hike through the vines.  That's right, BOW actually lets you walk through the vineyard.  This is the first vineyard that I've visited where youc an roam the grounds at your liesure.  

The winery frequently hosts events, so I recommend checking out their website before heading out.    

If you go, make sure to grab a couple of bottles to take home.   They definitely have a few good varietys so make sure to do the full wine tasting.  And as always, drink responsibly.