Delta's Business Elite on the 767

I recently had the pleasure of flying aboard one of Delta's 767-300ER's with lie-flat beds in Business Elite.  I was on a redeye from LAX to ATL on board this internationally configured aircraft.  I've already experienced the Business Elite seats on Delta's 777, so I wanted to compare the products and the different aircraft.

Since this was a domestic flight, and a redeye, service was limited and there was no meal.  I'm just going to focus on the seat, the cabin and the comfort factors.  I was in seat 6D in a jam packed cabin.  Coach was full as well on this Tuesday evening flight to Atlanta.  Delta's Business Elite cabin on the 767-300ER is configured in a 1-2-1 setup.  This is one of my favorite features of Delta's Business Elite product because everyone gets direct aisle access.  The A and D seats on this plane are against the windows and B and C are in the middle.  

Due to the way the lie-flat beds are situated the arm rests alternate from row to row.  If you want the most privacy and are traveling alone select an A or D seat in an odd numbered row.  These seats are close to the window with the larger armrest toward the aisle.  If you're traveling with a companion the middle seats are great, they just don't offer as much privacy.

The seat offers an excellent amount of legroom when in a seated or slightly reclined position.  When fully reclined your feet go into a compartment under the armrest of the seat in front of you.  I'm six foot and I found I had ample room to relax, but I found the compartment to be a bit confining.  On Delta's 777 your feet rest on small bench in front of your seat and I prefer this layout to the 767.  

The seat itself was comfortable, although without the plush pillow and duvet Delta's provides international Business Elite customers it wasn't as comfortable as it could be.  This is a good thing to remember, if you're booking a domestic flight on Delta's international Business Elite product, they only provide you with the standard red blanket and small pillow provided in domestic first class.  

I did like the large armrest and placement of the tray table compared to the 777.  I felt like there was more room to set a laptop or extra items you may have while traveling.  The 110v outlet and USB outlet are conveniently located right beside the seat.  There's also an LED reading light that is perfect for overnight flights.  This keeps you from having to turn on the overhead reading light, which would definitely annoy your sleeping neighbors.

Another feature I liked about this cabin is that at night Delta uses blue LED lighting in the lavatories and near the forward galley.  This provides just enough light to find your way to the restroom without annoying sleeping passengers.  

Overall the seat was comfortable and I would fly on this aircraft again.  Each Business Elite seat features a large touch screen monitor with movies, tv shows and games.  Since this was a redeye I didn't spend much time on the system, but it works fairly similar to Delta's other VOD systems.