Review: Jack Sprat Girdwood, AK

Much to my surprise we discovered Jack Sprat while driving aimlessly around Girdwood, Alaska while looking for a place for Lunch.  I was in Alaska for a long weekend mileage run with Trevor, my partner in crime here at TAR.  It was Sunday in October and we were hungry.  We didn't know the area well and we were relying on Yelp to guide us to any eatery we could find.  Boy and I glad we stopped here.

It was cold and raining outside, but this simple A frame restaurant on the side of a mountain looked very welcoming.  I'm so glad we didn't eat at a place back by the highway because what we go here was simply amazing food.  The preparation and attention to detail is what you would expect at a fancy restaurant in New York or San Francisco, not on a mountain side in Alaska.

We ordered off of their brunch menu.  I had the french toast made with challah bread and topped with toasted pecans, brulee bananas and fresh whipped cream.  Trevor had their red flannel hash which is yukon potatoes, red beets, bacon and scalions and over easy eggs.  Add to that a couple of cups of really good coffee and we were in business.  These entrees range in under $10 each.  I consider that a great deal for the quality of the food.

If you're ever on the Seward Highway south of Anchorage near Girdwood, take the ten minute trek off the highway and check this place out.  I just wish they'd open up a location in Washington, DC so I don't have to go all the way to Alaska for their awesome food.