American Airlines Announced Frequent Flier Merger Plans

American Airlines has announced plans to merge its loyalty program with US Airways Dividend Miles program in 2015.  Announced via e-mail, and now on AA's website, travelers who have both an American AAdvantage account and US Airways Dividend miles account will have their accounts merged next spring.  Both programs are being merged into American's AAdvantage program.  

Here are the basics:

  • Have only an AAdvantage account? Nothing changes.
  • Have both an AAdvantage and Dividend Miles account?  You're accounts will be merged into your AAdvangage account.
  • Have only a Dividend Miles account?  You'll receive a new AAdvantage account number and your miles will be transfered 1-for-1.

Elite Status:

After the merger is complete, AAdvantage will retain three elite status levels Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum.  This will be a change for Dividend Miles members who currently have four elite levels.  Status, miles and million miler status will transfer to AAdvantage for all Dividend Miles members.

What else:

After the merger all travel will be completed through American's website  This is also where frequent fliers will access their loyalty account.  The rules of the AAdvantage program will continue after the merger.  That means, at least for now, AA fliers will continue to earn miles based on distance traveled.  This is different than Delta and United who recently announced miles will be awarded based on the fare paid for a ticket.  (Read here: SkyMiles Changes)