Review: Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre

I had the rare occasion to spend two weeks at the Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre when I was in Athens for Business.  The hotel is located about a twenty minute drive from the airport and about a twenty minute walk to Parliament and many of Athens ancient attractions.  Public transportation is nearby and taxis are easy to find out front.  (Except on the couple of days when the transportation workers were on strike)

The hotel is very modern and clean.  I found the lobby quite inviting.  There’s a bar that also serves light snacks and sandwiches to the left as you enter.  The front desk runs along the right side of the lobby.

The hotel is filled with several modern features I found interesting.  First, the room keys use RF technology.  This means no sticking the key card in a door for access.  Each room has an RF reader and you simply touch the card to gain access.  Card readers are also installed in all of the elevators and only people with cards can access the guest floors.  This is always a nice security feature.

Once inside my room there was a small cardholder on the wall.  If you don’t place your room key in the holder, the lights and air conditioning turn off.  This is a great energy saving feature that is prevalent in Europe, but I have yet to see in the US.  Next to the cardholder were buttons that sent messages to housekeeping.  There was a button for “do not disturb” a button for “clean my room” and a third button that I never quite figured out what it did.

My room was quite spacious.  I had a queen sized bed, desk, HD LCD tv and large closet.  I also had a coffee maker which was always well stocked and included cookies and chocolate.  The fit and finish of the room was modern.  This also extended to the bathroom, which was very spacious.  The walls were covered with colorful glass tiles and the shower and tub were enclosed in glass.  The bathroom included a toilet and bidet.  There was also speakers in the bathroom so you could listen to music or the television.

On the roof of the hotel is a pool and restaurant.  The restaurant is the perfect setting for the buffet American-style breakfast they set out each morning.  You can even sit out on the pool deck.  I was there in June and the weather was fantastic.

The hotel does have a fitness center on the lower level, which I took advantage of during my stay.  It was small, but had all of the basics.  There is WiFi in the lobby and my room had service as well.  The internet was not terribly fast, but I was able to check e-mail and stay connected.  
Overall, I thought the Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre was a nice hotel.  I would recommend it if you are planning a trip to Athens, Greece.  If you are looking for an alternative, the Hilton Athens is also very nice and has a bar with incredible views of the Parthenon.  

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