Review: Detroit Metro Airport McNamara Terminal

A quick note before I dive into my full review of DTW, this article covers the McNamera Terminal.  I have yet to travel through the North Terminal.

Detroit Metro, or DTW, is one of my favorite airports.  This may sound odd, but if you have a connection or time to burn in an airport, DTW is one of the better airports to spend some time.  I say this for a few reasons:

  • Numerous Restaurants
  • Shops
  • On site hotel that connects to the terminal
  • Great flight availability as a Delta/SkyTeam hub
  • Spacious Delta SkyClubs

The McNamara Terminal was originally build for Northwest Airlines.  It opened in 2002 and replaced the Davey Terminal.  The terminal is a linear design with A spanning more than 60 gates.  The B/C concourses span an additional 50-plus gates and this is where you will find most of Delta's regional aircraft. 

The A concourse is open, spacious and feels inviting and modern. This airport also has large seating areas near the gates, something many airports lack.  If entering through the security checkpoint you come into the center of the concourse with gates to your left and right.  Many of the international gates are located right in the center of the concourse.  

In the center of A you will also find shopping, restaurants and a large Delta SkyClub.  There is a Westin Hotel accessible directly from the concourse. 

A is a long terminal.  You may not realize how long until you have to run from one end to the other to catch a flight.  Thankfully the ExpressTram is convenient.  It's located one level above the departure gates.  The tram runs the length of the concourse and stops at each end as well as the center of the concourse. 

In addition to Delta's large hub, the McNamera terminal house all other SkyTeam flights.  All non-SkyTeam flights depart and arrive from the North Terminal.  The NorthTerminal is also a linear concourse and opened in 2008.  I hear its pretty nice, but anything is better than the old Barry and Smith Terminals.  Spirit Airlines, which used to be based at DTW still has a decent operation operating out of Detroit and uses the North Terminal.

If your travels take you to or through Detroit Metro you are likely in for a pleasant airport experience. One thing to keep in mind in the winter snow can be a problem. While the airport does a good job handling snow, a bad storm can impact travel.