Southwest Announces Pay to Board Early

Southwest Airlines announced today passengers can now pay to get a A group boarding pass.  Passengers in this group are among the first to board Southwest flights, which are all unassigned seating.  For $40 travelers will be able to buy an A group pass per flight, when available.

Southwest press release states the new $40 pass will only be sold the day of the flight and approximately 45 minutes prior to departure.  Gate agents will announce if there is availablity and passengers will be able to purchase the pass with a credit card directly from the gate agent.  The A group passes will only be offered if there is availability in the group.

Similar to other airlines Southwest boards by zones, but since Southwest uses unassigned seating not only does boarding early secure overhead bin space it also secures a good seat.  

$40 seems a little steep to board in group A, but I'm sure there will be plenty of takers.